Next Generation Mega Grow – Gainer

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  • Fast Mass Gains
  • Unbeatable Taste and quality
  • Enhanced nitrogen retention

Product Information

MEGA-GROW is a high calorie formula with a balanced nutritional profile designed for maximum results. Taking MEGA-GROW twice daily should assist with weight gain. It is important whilst taking MEGA-GROW that 3 daily meals are consumed in addition to two MEGA-GROW serves per day. Refer to Questions and Facts for further information.

TIP: MEGA-GROW is a high quality weight gain formula which means that you should expect to put quality weight on (lean tissue). The addition of medium chain triglyceride oils contain all the essential omega fats which further assist with quality weight gain and also further assist to slow the digestion and absorption of MEGA-GROW into you system therefore sustaining you a little longer. All 3 flavours are exceptional, however for something different, try our Honeycomb Bomb. This flavour is already a best seller. Be aware that you will need to shake this formula more so than the Megapro and Hydro-Iso as the quality fats in this formula require extra shaking in a shaker to get a smooth consistency.


Add two scoops into a shaker and fill water level to 400ml mark (use cold/chilled water). Close lid and shake thoroughly. Remember that this product contains high quality fats and will require thorough shaking to ensure smooth texture for consumption. Shake thoroughly for approximately 30 seconds.

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Choco Malt, Honey Comb Bomb


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