Welltech Ostragen

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Ostaregen is a scientific, sports supplement designed to increase strength to your workouts while increasing lean muscle tissue. Perfect for someone who is looking to improve body recomposition, whist optimising joint health. Ostaregen displays similar key benefits to Ostaregen (MK2866) Syringanthranilate demonstrates androgen receptor modulation without a down regulation of receptor expression. This ingredient displays anabolic activity without androgen actions. Therefore, this in conjunction with Vanillic Acid which promotes healing benefits to bone, ligaments and tendons proves to be a great combination for strength and recovery. Pentapeptide-4 is a peptide which is absorbed orally with high bio-availability added to accelerate tendon healing and stimulate collagen synthesis. It promotes the expression of type1 collagen and transforming growth-factor to tendon cells. Creatine which is one of the most studied supplements proven to increase energy, strength and power is added to help achieve a more muscular and stronger physique.

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